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Control all your android devices from single platform with Voolsy Lock. Spare yourself the worry of managing numerous devices manually. Employ Voolsy Lock to smoothen your device management work process.

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Voolsy Lock

An Advanced Mobile Device Manager(MDM)

Voolsy Lock is an intuitive and robust MDM software solution letting you manage corporate owned devices. Be it the activities of sales staff, tracking work of delivery guys or handling devices employed in your dining or retail space, Voolsy lock gives you control of all the devices.

Device Detail Management

Voolsy Lock gives prompt access to every type of device details like network type, IMEI number, RAM details, internal and external storage details etc. This information helps the staff to learn about the type of devices used if they are planning to upgrade them.

With Voolsy Lock, admin can track down the exact location where device has last been used and also get to know the whereabouts of the staff handling them if need be. If any of the device is lost or misplaced, this information helps to locate it.

Be informed about when the device network was connected/disconnected along with SIM details installed in the device. Manage multiple SIM cards and also comprehend the data usage with the network history.

Gather the exact information about user login/logout activities in Launcher app. Understand the extent of usage of the device based on this information.

Set password to restrict the exit from the launcher app and save unnecessary device usage with Voolsy Lock. Control the access of other apps and settings in your device by enabling the exit passcode feature.

Check battery status remotely. You can also analyze the battery status when the device was lastly connected/disconnected.

device detail management
app content

App & Content Management

Admin can upload numerous enterprise apps in app gallery from the web console. They can view the app version, details, size and published/updated date in case of modifications required.

Access app gallery and upload/remove apps from the web portal to the devices. One can push the updated and revised versions of the app to all the devices with a few taps.

With App activity log, you can easily view and access when the app was published/removed/updated on a specific device. Get to know about the current app version used and the updates to be made if a new version is launched.

With our web console, Admin can easily create folder containing files like PDF, PPTs etc and can share them when required. One can provide instant access to any files in case of emergencies by merely uploading them into the device from the web console.

Let employees access files easily from the Voolsy Lock home screen. Update/remove files anytime with our web console and manage device content as per your need.

Device Management Portal

With Voolsy Lock, admin can categorise devices into one group. Admin can remove, install and update apps directly from their system to a group of devices at one go instead of doing it for each device one by one.

Policy means preset rules that would be applied to any device or group of devices. You can enable access to specific settings such as Wi-Fi, mobile data, bluetooth, brightness etc, which can be available to device user from the app launcher menu.

Admin can create and define the role for each employee based on their work allotment. With the defined roles, the respective employee can access only the needed section which avoids more confusion and reduces chances of errors on their part.

With Voolsy Lock, admin can find out not only detailed reports about devices, but also the current launcher sign-in/out time, device activity and launcher log. Our web portal can also give you information if the user has entered into the device system settings.

Voolsy Lock lets you install and remove apps from anywhere. You don't require physical presence of the device or employee having the device. Admin can easily control and manage devices from the web console itself.

device management portal

Why Voolsy Lock is the right solution for your enterprise

effortless device management

Effortless Device Management

With Voolsy Lock, you are not needed to look after each device manually. You can easily control and monitor them through our centralised system. Any data, app or information you want to add or remove into any device can be done quickly with Voolsy Lock.

cost efficient mdm

Cost Efficient

We offer a reasonable rate such that the features and benefits of the system outweigh the charge for it. One can also track the data usage with Voolsy Lock and work on it. Voolsy Lock is a long term investment that will benefit both the enterprises and its staff in flawless device management.

increases employee productivity

Increases Productivity

Voolsy Lock eases out a lot of manual task for the device manager. With the easy updates that can be made into multiple devices at one go, it saves a lot of time and hence increases the productivity of both the device manager and the staff using the devices.

easy to control mdm

Prompt and Reliable

The organization can quickly track and gather the information about the device usage. The employee can easily access information related to their work. Both of them have enough support required to smoothen their respective work process.

secure company data

Offers Data Protection

With Voolsy Lock, the data stored on device is safe as it can only be opened with password. In any case if the device is stolen, the organisation can easily wipe out the important apps or data from office itself with robust web console.

secure mobile device management

Safe and Secure

Voolsy lock understands that security of the device is important and that it doesn't go in wrong hands. The settings can be password protected, the exit from the app can be password protected and the device as well can be password protected.

Voolsy Lock

About Us

Voolsy Lock is the product by Voolsy Networks Pvt. Ltd. Voolsy is an award winning revolutionary dine-in app that works with iBeacon technology. It is the first app in India that uses iBeacon for restaurant industry. Spending years in restaurant industry and working with popular brands across India, Voolsy has widened its range by introducing products like Voonote and Voolsy Lock.

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