Device / Year

Up to 10 Devices

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Device / Year

For 11-50 Devices

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Device / Year

For 51-100 Devices

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Device / Year

100+ Devices

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All the plans include below features:

  • Kiosk / Lockdown Mode
  • Remotely Install / Uninstall Apps
  • Device Remote Control
  • Real-time location Tracking
  • Device Info & Health Status
  • Device Grouping
  • Personalized HomeScreen
  • Block 3rd-party App Installs
  • Auto-disabled Device Settings
  • View Installed Apps
  • Enterprise App Store
  • Policy Management
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Content Management
  • File Repository
  • Customise System Settings

Common FAQs Asked

Q. What will happen after signing up?

Once you signup, our representative will receive your request for trial account and they will get in touch with you. During 15 days trial account, we don't limit any access of our premium features and let you enjoy Voolsy Lock completely for free.

Q. How long does it take to get started?

Once we receive your request to sign up for Voolsy Lock, our representative will contact you and will understand your requirement. Once they have complete information, we take maximum 3 working days to get Voolsy Lock started in your organization.

Q. How do I get support and maintenance?

Once you select any Voolsy Lock package, you get support, maintenance and product license. We suggest that you should renew the product license before the expiry date to continue the access of Voolsy Lock. Renewing the subscription prior to 10 days is recommended.

Q. Is there any extra benefit for Govt organization/NGOs?

Yes. We do have special benefit schemes for Govt organization, NGOs and corporates who support CSR activities. We would request you to contact us on in such cases.

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